Personal Weaknesses

Understanding your personal weaknesses can be a huge blessing in your life!  Most people are afraid to admit their weaknesses, or worse don’t believe they have any!  The truth is we all have weaknesses and we can use the knowledge of these weaknesses to catapult us to the next level in success!

If you’re having problems learning what your personal weaknesses are I recommend reading another article I wrote called “What Are Your Weaknesses?”  In that article I explained that a weakness by definition is something that makes you weak.  It drains the life out of you.  I also recommended an exercise to do for a week to really pin-point 3 of your greatest personal weaknesses.

So you know your weaknesses, now what?

Like I said, to really get to the next level in your success you don’t want to spend your time trying to “fix” these weaknesses.  That would be a total waste of your time.

We’re going to figure out how you can effectively avoid these weaknesses so you can concentrate on your strengths (the things that strengthen you and therefore cause you to feel fulfilled).

I recommend trying these 4 strategies to deal with your weaknesses:

Just stop doing the activity and see if anyone even notices that you aren’t doing it anymore.

Team up with someone who loves doing the activity that weakens you.

Offer up one of your strengths, and bit by bit steer you life toward this strength and away from this weakness

Or maybe try and see this weakness from a different perspective.

Use these 4 strategies to take those weaknesses, and instead of letting them drain you, use them for good!

If you’d like more help understanding how to live your Strengths so you can feel fulfilled daily and make a huge difference in people’s lives.

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