How to Know God’s Purpose For My Life

Knowing God’s purpose for your life is one of the best things you could ever find out.  It’s so important I spent months (and thousands of dollars) trying to learn how to do this on a real practical level.

Jesus said in John 17:4, “I have brought you glory on Earth by completing the work you have given me to do.”

First of all we are called to bring glory to God on this Earth and the way we do this is by completing the work he has given us to do.

This led me to a thought.  Paul said “we have all sinned and fallen short of bringing God glory.”  Why?  Because we haven’t understood our assignment or the work we are supposed to do.  If we don’t know our assignment then we definitely won’t complete it, which means we won’t bring glory to God.

Do you see why this is important?

To start off in learning God’s purpose for your life, you need to meet God on a personal level.  I’m not just talking about believing God or knowing about him.  I’m talking about knowing him.  We know a lot of things about famous people but we don’t really know them.  It’s the same with God.  He’s a personal God who wants to hang out with you.  It was always his desire to be with his people.  Unfortunately because of wrong doing (aka sin) he was separated from his people.  But he made a way to be with his people again by sending his Son to pay the price for our sins.  And because of this, we can be with God again!

Now, since you are friends with God.  Ask him what he wants you to do with your life.  He’d love to tell you!

Then I would pay attention to the desires of your heart.  What is it you long to do?  If money wasn’t an issue what would you be doing with your life?  This is a huge key in understanding your purpose.  Not everyone has the same passions as you do.  God puts those passions in your heart because he wants to use you in that area!

The next thing is to discover your God given gifts & talents.  You’ve been hard-wired by God to be great at something.  When you learn this, begin to focus your life around these specific strengths.

And finally use those strengths to become a solution to problems.  Don’t just be one of those people who sees problems and complains about them.  Be a problem solver!  The most effective way for you to solve people’s problems is by offering up your gifts & talents.

As you discover these things you will begin to understand God’s purpose for you life.

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