What Does God Want Me To Do

Everything that God wants you to do can be summed up like this:

Love God & Love People

But how do you do that?

What’s the best way to love God and love others?
Jesus answered these questions when he told God, “I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you have given me to do.”

There are two important things to note in this statement:
1. We are called to bring God glory on the earth and not just when we die.
2. We do this by finishing the assignments given to us by God.

So how do you find out what God has given you to do?  Apart from hearing the audible voice of God out of a burning bush, you can:

Find what you love to do and use what you are great at doing to become a solution to a problem that God has called you to fix.  That is where you will find your purpose, or what God wants you to do.

There are 4 steps or principles to finding your purpose and they are:

1. Passion
 2. Talent
 3. Needs
 4. Calling

Where these four areas converge, or join forces, is where you have been perfectly designed by God to make a huge difference in people’s lives.

Passion is the thing that you do that excites you.  Living out your passions will wake you up faster than a strong cup of coffee! It invigorates you. Everyone’s passion is different. Your passion might be coaching, or helping hurting women, baking or starting businesses.  The possibilities are endless.

Talents are those things that you do great all the time. God has given every single person a specific set of “giftings”. Your talents are those things that people say they wish they could do like you but that come so easy to you that you hardly even think of them as talents.  You might say you’re a natural at these things.  Your talents may include organizing, feeling the emotions of others, public speaking, sales or sports.


Purpose is always built around helping people. You help people by solving problems or meeting needs in the area that you’re passionate about and then using your talents to fix those problems.


Your calling is the very specific niche that God wants you to address with your life.  Ask him what you should be doing. He loves you so much he will actually tell you what he wants you to do.

Here’s an example of how this all works out in the end:

I met a lady once who was passionate about relieving suffering. But what was her talent? She was a research scientist. The need she felt called to fix was helping women who couldn’t have babies. She began to research homeopathic remedies and developed a line of products that would help these ladies out.  She found what God was calling her to do where her passion and talent addressed a specific need that she wanted to meet!

Find out where these 4 things intersect in your own life and you will find what God wants you do.


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