Tips to Find My Purpose

Tips to find my purpose

In the town where I grew up, there was a prestigious school on the top of a mountain. Every day as I drove to my school at the bottom of the mountain, I would look up at this sprawling campus and wish that I could go there. It was the one thing that I would pray for every night before I went to bed.

I wanted to go to that school one day. To make a long story short, I got my wish. I worked and studied hard, received recommendations from my instructors, and aced the entrance exams. In many ways, the Tips to Find My Purpose were discovered when I accomplished this goal so many years ago.

Whether we are trying to get an education, start a business or raise a family, we are all climbing a mountain. Some people are going around and around the base of the mountain with no idea where they are going. Some people have begun the ascent wondering whether or not they are climbing the right mountain at all.

Some people do not even have the right equipment for the mountain they are trying to climb. One thing is certain, in order to climb the mountain successfully, you will need to use these tips to find my purpose to get to the top.

Finding Your Mountain – Your Calling

Somewhere on the plains of your life, there is a mountain with great appeal and allure. You are drawn to it. It speaks to you. This mountain is the area in life that gets you excited. Maybe you love to play video games and want to design them. This would be considered Entertainment.

Maybe you are a terrific basketball player and want to coach a team. This is Sports. Or you may want to be a great mother and raise your children with excellence. This is Family. There is something in your life that ignites a fire in you. This is your calling.

Assessing Your Equipment – Your Talents and Strengths

Once you’ve found your calling, you have to take a good look at your equipment. What are your strengths? What are you great at doing? Sometimes your strengths are very subtle because you do them with such ease that you barely take notice of them. So, what do you do that is almost effortless to you but that others wish they could do like you?

You may be very organized, you may have a good grasp on mathematics, you may be very athletic or be creative and artistic. These are strengths. You will need to use all your strengths, gifts, and talents if you want to climb to the top of your mountain.

It would be ridiculous to try to hike in a pair of high heel shoes. It would equally ridiculous to try to be a figure skater if you are uncoordinated and clumsy or a landscaper if you’re allergic to pollen. Use your equipment!

Learning the Terrain – Solving Problems

Every mountain is different. It has features unique to it. The area you’re called to has its own specific needs. On your mountain and with your equipment, there is a specific pathway to the top for you. Mother Teresa climbed to the top of the religious mountain because she saw the needs of the people and met them. Donald Trump climbed to the top of the business mountain because he realized that people needed real estate. In order to climb the mountain, you need to be a problem solver.

Hopefully, you are well on your way to answering the question: What are the tips to find my purpose? When you find a calling that utilizes your talents and strengths to solve the problems within the area in which you were called, you will have found your purpose.

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